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Still With The Radio Problem


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i have a 92 es 300 and i posted this before my brother in law tried installing my jvc radio and took out the factory amp also. it hooked up the wrong wires i guess cuz the speakers sound staticy when its turned up to loud it sucks i know when i looked at it there was like three wires hooked up to one. i had looked at a diagram before but couldnt make nothing of it so if someone could please tell me what color goes to what on the aftermarket radio or what color goes to what speaker and what to do with all the factory amp wires please help me

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i had the same problem when i bought my es300 the dope cut out the factory amp and screw everything up.i just recently fixed it when i found a diagram of the factory amp harness.

the harness is numbered 1-7 on the top row and 8-16 on the bottom row.

number 4 : rear left speaker +

number 11:rear left speaker -

number 3 :rear right +

number 10:rear right -

number 6 :left door speaker +

number 15: left door speaker -

number 5: right door speaker +

number 14 : right door speaker -

id id this with my aftermarket (panasonic cd mp3 wma head unit) and now all my speakers work fine. just hard wire from the back of your radio wires to the amp wires under the passenger seat. hope this helps let me know.

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