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Lower Control Arm Bushing And Shocks


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I am going to replace my shocks front and rear, and lower control arm bushing......any help, links, pics on "how to" :) would be appreciated......

UPDATE: My previous posts for vibration and AC have been solved. Your feedback was excellent

Vibration: Replaced transmission mount

AC: Bad ground wire

Starting Issue: Replaced Starter

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hey i don't know how crazy you want to get with your SC...but from your previous post about your interior...then maybe you want to go crazy with it....anyway as for your shocks...you can get airbags for it so it slams your car to the ground!!!!...if that is the look you want...usually it is around $4000.00-$6000.00 for the complete set up...BUT, you can get the whole set up for $2050.00...they are UAS AIRBAGS...IFOUND IT ON vipstylecars.com UAS is giving that discount to VSC MEMBERS...YOU CAN JUST SIGN UP TO BE A MEMBER FOR FREE AT THE SITE....YOU CAN CALL WILSON @213-625-3486.... hey i don't know if your interested but you can get a full body kit for your car at body-kits.com for $500.00... really adds a nice look...a nicer look to the SC!!!

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