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1995 Ls400 Fuel Filter Location And Replacement


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I'm hoping someone can tell me where the fuel filter is located in the 1995-1997 LS400. I have a 95. There is a nice tutorial for the 90-94 LS on lexls.com, but I think the filter location changed for the 1995 model year. I can't be certain, but when I looked under the car in front of the driver's side rear wheel well (where it is for the 1994 and earlier years) I didn't immediately see it. Does anybody know anything about this? If someone can just tell me the location I'll post a picture tutorial when I replace it in the next couple of weeks.

Just so people know, I'm not looking to replace the fuel pump filter (behind the rear seats) but the one that is usually in series with the fuel line. I'm REALLY hoping that this is not the same thing, and that I don't have to pull the rear seats to get to the fuel pump. :( . However, if I'm misinformed please let me know. Thanks!

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check this thread i replaced mine sometime ago


Thanks for the info Bicol-ini! but I didn't see anywhere in this thread where the filter was located. If you have a 96, ours will be in the same place. Can you tell me where yours was? Your pics of the filter make me want to change mine ASAP (although I only have 63K on my '95 :D ). After you replaced it, did you notice any difference in the drive? I've noticed that sometimes if I accelerate hard the cars acceleration is not totally "linear" and I feel some mild hesitation. I'm hoping this might help that as I've never replaced the filter since getting the car with 45k. Thanks again for the help!

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I did mine and as I recall it is on the left side just forward of the rear wheel.


After removing the heat shield in front of the drivers side rear wheel well I thought I was crazy because I couldn't find the fuel filter. After looking around for a little while under the car I finally found it. It turns out the location changed for the 1995 model year from where it had been previously.

In 1994 and earlier LS models, the fuel filter was located in front of the driver's side rear wheel well under a heat shield. This can be seen at the tutorial on LexLS.com. IT IS NOT LOCATED HERE AFTER THE 1994 MODEL YEAR. It is actually located under the car just above the passenger side inner CV joint and exhaust. There is also no heat shield covering it. (see pictures).

If you have a 95 or newer (at least until 97 and probably to 2000) and you're looking at a tutorial on a 94 or newer car, the operation to perform this procedure is the same, but the location has changed. Just wanted to give others a heads up and to save them some time! :)



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Thanks so much for this info; this is the first place that I've seen the location of a fuel filter for a post-95 LS (I've had a '98 LS400 for 3 months now and want to pamper it after thousands of miles of sublime travel!). I'll change mine in the morning when i give it a full service. Nick

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You might want to change it when you are nearly out of fuel, otherwise with the banjo bolt on the fuel line you cannot plug the thing to prevent fuel from draining out. I ran mine down to about a gallon in the tank and then with the rear jacked way up, I was able to change mine with only a very small amount of spill.

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