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Coolant Temp Sensor


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Sure would love to know where the Coolant Temp Senor is on a 430 engine. I can't find a diagram of it anywhere here, on the net, or in my pdf repair manual..... :cries:


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you were right on the money lex! I finally got to the overhaul on the car this weekend, including the coolant sensor. It's the sensor to the left of the throttle body flywheel in the photo "look for the brass colored hex nut". It's easy to get to once you take off the intake tube from the air filter box "on the GS model - which is much tighter space to work in". It was easy, and I can certainly tell a difference in the car's driving. Granted, I did a lot today on the car "cleaned throttle body and put in new plugs", so I'm not sure what's contributing to the new driving style. But I know I'm loving the results!


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