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Air Bag Warning Light Is On


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Damn i dont want to go to the dealer. I know they are gonna charge me atleast $100. I guess I'll have to remove that bulb as well. Thanks for letting me know.

You can reset the computer yourself too. Look inside the Engine Fuse box. There should be a fuse, most likely a (15), related to the computer( read the text on the inside of the box), and pull it. Wait two minutes, and plug it in again. That should reset your computer.

If you can't find it, remove your negative cable from the battery and wait 3minutes. Off course you'll have to set your clock and radio station again if you do this one.

Gut feeling, the SRS sensor is failing or on the verge of failing. That's likely to trigger the light to come on. You might have to pull the code.

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Did you happen to remove the battery terminal when you pulled out the dash cluster? I had the battery replaced and the SRS light came on. Dealer charged me $45 to reset light and told me that is common after reconnecting the battery cable.

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That's a good idea, to check the fuse, let us know if it works. I know many manufactures don't let safety codes erase w/o dealer computer, but it may work.

What's a dealer computer? <_<

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