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Where Is The Thread On Cleaning The Power Steering Fluid Screen/filter


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I am having trouble using the Google search. Apparently there is a thread on here on how to remove and clean the power steering filter/screen. Apparently there is one on the steering rack and one near the reservoir?

courtesy of azHOTLS :


there are some links on this thread as well - there are several threads on this - im doing a total tutorial on the process this weekend -

good luck!


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I need to check that on mine and see if it will help at all, because, oh boy its leaking heavily now! I have to pour fluid in every 3 or 4 days now and its now leaving puddles where I park it. :( The pump is also now making a whining sound more often, as it gets low on fluid often now. Oh well maybe one of these days I can afford a pump and have it installed.

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90LS400Lexus, You want to have that leak looked at right away. If it's leaking from the pump, it may be leaking on your alternator (as it can do), you'll also be doing an alternator job.

One thing to consider is a alternator shield:


Here are the direct links to the pics mentioned in that thread:



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