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I Weep For Us All...


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Oh my god....how freakin' stupid can people be?!?!?! Here's a little editorial to the following article that was actually posted on foxnews.com today...

"and, there appears to be two drunk dudes standing on its back". Witnesses also confirmed that Nessie has learned how to speak english over the past 4000 centuries, as they all confirmed hearing the same thing..."Fish on, Fish on the line!!"

Proof That the Loch Ness Monster Exists?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

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Google Earth

Jason Cooke spotted "Nessie" while browsing the Google Earth's satellite photos.

This amazing image on Google Earth could be the elusive proof that the Loch Ness Monster exists.

Sun reader Jason Cooke spotted "Nessie" while browsing the Web site's satellite photos.

The shape seen on the surface of the 22-mile Scottish loch is 65ft long and appears to have an oval body, a tail and four legs or flippers.

Some experts believe Nessie may be a Plesiosaur, an extinct marine reptile with a shape like the Google image.

"This is really intriguing. It needs further study," said researcher Adrian Shine, of the Loch Ness Project.

Sightings have been claimed for centuries.


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Bingo! I mean seriously, as small as this world is, with all of it's technology "fish finders, submarines, sonar machines, etc", wouldn't cha' think we'd of found this thing by now! And, seriously folks....a white, bullet shaped object, in water, doesn't ring a bell? "Oh, wait, it could be a boat?" I mean, boats are white....boats have rounded front ends with perfect 90 degree rear corners....and stir up the water with their props and bow/stern thrusters....And if that thing really is over 60 feet long, you know that sucker has at least three engines in it! My my my.... and I'm not even drunk at the moment! Guess I picked the wrong day to stop huffing model glue! :blink:

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What a joke...The tooth ferry and the easter bunny both agree that it's nessie :lol::lol::lol:

Hahhaa... They're the two drunks on the back, saying "fish on, fish on"!! :lol:

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