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Ticking Sound In The Front Windshield Of My Rx330


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I'm hearing a ticking or clicking noise coming from the lower-middle area of the front windshield of my RX330. Here are some symptoms:

* Louder in cold temperatures

* quiet on warm days above 50 degrees

* Loud over small and medium bumps,

* Quiet over large bumps

* Sound goes away above 35mph

I've taken the car to my local Lexus dealership - had a tech ride with me - made sure that he heard the noise - and the left the car at the dealership for 5 days.

They proceeded to fix 4 things I didn't complain about, but did nothing to address the original complaint.

(I also have the injector ticking noise at idle, and clunking transmission while coasting that everybody else complains about -- luckily - wind noise is not a problem and the car is very quiet in that respect)

I'm planning to bring the car back at its next oil interval for a second attempt -- Has anybody else had this problem?

One other member has mentioned its the windshield "clips" - which are parts that can be replaced when the glass is replaced. Any other suggestions?

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It sounds like Lexus has the same problem with the RX330 as it has with the RX300. The dashboard clips (i.e. clips that fasten the dashboard to the firewall) click and creak and groan. They may try and ram some insulation between the windshield and the dash, or they may have to remove the dash and try and fix the clips. Good luck :)

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