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Steering Wheel Beginning To Peal.


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A little late now the damage is done but leather feed treatment in the past would have helped and a lot of damage occurs with wedding rings catching the leather.

There are specialists who can recover them but not cheaply.

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95LS Steering wheel is beginning to peal. Any ideas on stopping this or repairing it?

Leathertech Website

I purchased some leather dye from this company and restored the steering wheel on my 91LS. The wheel looks like it's brand new and has held up perfectly over the last year and a half. They have all the instructions you need on the site. My interior is dark gray. They sent me what was supposed to be a match, but it was too light. I emailed them and they sent me out some black dye to darken it up at no charge. Be prepared to sand your wheel. Felt kind of strange to take sandpaper to leather, but its necessary. I also remember using some mineral spirits on the leather before applying the dye. That wasn't part of the instructions, but I did it anyways. Results were great! I've since used it on the drivers seat with the same results.

If you end up having to custom mix the color to get it to match perfectly, it looks different when it dries than when it's wet, so apply it to a piece of cardboard, let it dry (use a hair drier for quicker results), then compare it to the rest of the interior. I also found that the tint on the windows of the car and the lighting conditions can affect your comparison. Just mix a small quantity to start and carefully measure so you can replicate it afterwards when you mix a larger batch.

I don't mean to make it sound like it was a difficult job. It's actually very easy. Use a foam brush to apply the dye and if you see small air bubbles in the dye when you're applying it, don't sweat it. Don't overbrush it trying to get rid of the tiny air bubbles, they disappear on their own as the dye dries. It will most likely take three coats to complete the job. Drying time between coats is only 20~30 minutes.


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