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Rx 330 Seat Repair


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I have a 9 year old kicker in the family who has kicked out the rear lower panel of the front passenger's seat.

I was hoping someone could look at the attached picture and suggest how to fix it. Going to the dealer is not an option. A guy on craigslist wanted a 150 to fix it which I think is a bit steep.

Does anyone know how the lower panel is attached (glued, sewen on, etc.) and let me know if the is DIY repair.

Many thanks.


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I'd use glue.

3M trim and weatherstrip contact cement (somthing like that) sticks like 'ell but its sort of messy, you have to be carfull ,read the directions.

Crazy glue, believe it or not, also will do it. Get a relatively large bottle at a hobby shop just because it's much easier to handle an control. It won't be branded crazy glue but there all the same stuff.

3M is probably your best bet, but it is messy. Either way, it will be up to you how good it comes out.

Regards, PK

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I would NOT use glue. If there is a mistake, glue won't be forgiving.

Try to use duct tape. Yes, duct tape. It holds VERY well, and you can always remove it later on if something happens.

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