How Do You Replace A Broken Antenna On A Lexus Rx400h?

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Hi, I have a 2006 RX400h. This is my first winter with it. We had 2 feet of snow this past weekend and in clearing the mountain of snow off the top of my car with a push broom, I accidentally broke off the black rubber/ plastic 8" or so antenna. The piece that attaches the antenna to the car itself is still there. It looked to me like there was a bolt inside the antenna and the piece still attached the car that snapped in the middle. I could reattach the antenna by sticking it back on the car, but it seemed loose and I felt certain it would fly off once I drove.

To make matters worse, I put the antenna in my pocket for safe keeping, but ended up losing it somewhere during the rest of the clean up. :-(

The link above for how to fix the antenna is pointing to an unrelated topic... could you check/ update the link or provide any guidance? I'm a do-it-your-selfer, and I would not want to pay the dealer to fix this unless absolutely necessary...

Love this forum and my Lexus. Please help..


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