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Strong Shifts, Good Or Bad?


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well, i've never noticed this about my car ever since i recently bought it , but when i step on the gas lightly at a stop sign, my car jerks shifting into 2nd gear. it's not as strong as a whipslash, but i can tell you, it'll pull you to the seat.

guess i'm just wondering if any other sc400 people have similar situations.

my thoughts on this leads me to the torque i read, the sc400 OE torque converter are suppose to deliver smooth shifts. and aftermarket TC's are suppose to give you rough shifts.

and another thing, i dont feel the shifts when accelerating fast. thanks for any thoughts...

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I had a similar problem so I got a tranny flush from the dealer. Funny thing was it seemed to be worse. So I asked them to check it out. Anyways, they adjusted something, I think a cable and it was fine. They said it should be adjusted regularly at the major service and for some odd reason they didnt do it last time. Anyways, that solved my problems.

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might be sticking shift solonoid. it holds the ATF pressure too long and it bangs the gear in. sometimes fresh ATF might clear it up.

if your TC is dead or dying you'll have a hard time keeping the car at would stall...also it might not lock up on to OD.

the valve body is the piece that controls the shifts (contains the shift solonoids). i would check that out. of course this is taking into consideration the AT computer is 100% a-ok.

the adjustment...that's generally the band the tranny guy would adjust. i "believe" that's for the clutch pack.

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