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Cold Start Injector


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:cheers:From the 1990/1991 LS 400 Repair manual, I got this procedures how to remove the cold start injector.

My LS does not start too easy in the morning... here it is, I beleive one of the reasons why... Cold start injector might be faulty or needs cleaning... :cheers:

Sorry , could not attach the pictue I wanted... Will try again tomorrow :(

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I fixed mine over the weekend. It wasn't faulty, just clogged. When I removed it from the intake, I found that it was completely gunked up along with everything else in the intake. I used a complete large can of gumout and a few rags that I scrubbed it out with. Since I had it all out, I decided to remove the EGR Vaccum stuff from the side of the intake to make sure it was clean. What a great move that was. There is a pipe that goes half way into the intake. It was completely clogged up with hard black stuff. I had to punch it out with a screwdriver. Remove the silver piece where the vaccum stuff connects to the intake as well as the black valve. It was pretty obvious that mine hadn't been cleaned in 13 years and 213,000 mi. After cleaning off the cold start injector, I did the test from the manual and a perfet cone of fuel came out both sides.

Since you will have it (intake)removed, I definately suggest doing this or at least checking it. It's a great time to really scrub everything out.

It didn't completely fix the issue but it did make it better. I suspect I'll find that is actually caused by several different small things combined together.

I hope this helps.


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