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04 Rx300 Auto Lights


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Today during a snowstorm, I switched my headlights to "ON". I noticed everytime I went under an overpass my dashboard lights dimmed, so did the nav screen, The car thought it was still in auto. The headlights stayed on all the time as they should.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Is there sensitivity control for the auto headlights?

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Hi all,

I have seen that on my RX330 as well, that might be because of the day/night mode auto switch. So when you go under an overpass, the system will think it's dark (night mode) so it's dimmer.

Just a thought. :)

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This is actually a Lexus feature, and one my ES doesn't have LOL ;) LS, GS, RX, GX all do this.

In order to defeat it simply turn the dimmer knob all the way up until it clicks. What its doing is dimming the gauges when it detects a drop in outside light to keep from blinding you. Bear in mind that when you turn it up the gauges will be at full intensity at night also.

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