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Timing Belt Replacement


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I have 91,000 on my 92 LS400 and am planning to replace the timing belt, what other items should also be replaced along with the belt; so I will know what to order from Lexus parts.com? Also the car is vibrating very bad upon first start up and then again when stopped and in drive. Is this the motor mounts or transmission mounts? Also the whinning sound is getting very bad, I checked all fluids and have to periodically add power steering fluid (where does it go, no leaks and have replaced the ps pump.

Also did anyone find out what the problem was with the rumble, vibration under the driver's side? Could this be a bad wheel bearing?

I finally found out where my whistleing noise was coming from, a leaf was blocking one of my drain holes under the hood, I sprayed water inside the drain line and cleaned it out, after that the whistleing noise stopped.

Any help with the other questions is appreciated.

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1) When replacing the t-belt, I would do the water pump while are at it. Here is the list for timing belt and water package: t-belt, water pump, 1 gallon of coolant(toyota coolant of course) and 0-ring.

2) Seems like your motor mounts and trans mount are bad. You can see the engine rocking back and forth.

3) If there is no leak on the steering system. You will need to replace switch the pump. The switch is bad and It's letting power steering into the engine. I belive that switch is $256 but we can rebuilb it for a fraction of that cost.

4) For the noise, you will have to raise the car up and look at it.

We can beat and will beat any prices on here.


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