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Is200 Race Car....build Up Pictures


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well as i am nearly finished, i thought id let you see how i am doing so far.

this was started around october time.

IS200 Sport 2.0 LITRE 24V inline 6, 6 speed manual gearbox

2003 model

22,000 miles

Here is the progression from car through stripped shell to the eventual finished product, ready to race.

PIC 1 Stripped shell, sunroof roof skin removed

PIC 2 Dash removed

PIC 3 View Forward..dry fit of Sparco seats

PIC 4 Underneath View

PIC 5 Ysection for Duel exit exhaust, and removed centre box

PIC 6 Battery Box, showing Overload breaker box on Box side

PIC 7 Heatproofed Engine bay

PIC 8 New Manifold heat shield

PIC 9 Bonnet Pins

PIC 10 Bulkhead Blanking Plate

PIC 11 Boot Hooks

PIC 12 New location for ECU...passenger seat location

PIC 13 Battery Master Switch location in Dash(Radio Location)....MOMO steering wheel

PIC 14 Power Steering Cooler(Mocal, with Nomex III hoseing)

PIC 15 New roofskin.....Without sunroof

PIC 16 Extended towing eye

PIC 17 RE-Painted car....Satin Black, old race car in the background

PIC 18 Re-Painted car...RHS..showing twin exhaust pipes

PIC 19 Diamand effect on rear Quarter panel

PIC 20 Front Diamond Effect, showing, Extinguisher pull and Battery pull Handle's in bonnet

PIC 21 front quarter....

PIC 22 Starting to place, Advertisements, and Sponser Logos

PIC 23 Club sticker and URL........where it should be

PIC 24 Roll cage (dry fit) from the drivers side

PIC 25 Roll cage from the "passenger" side

PIC 26 2 lexus in the workshop.......i am busy indeed

PIC 27 DFL Sponser logo 1

PIC 28 DFL Sponser logo 2

PIC 29 BAHAMUT CARS Sponser logo

PIC 30 The rear of the race car lowered....80mm

PIC 31 Drivers door switch plate.....switches removed, and covered in Alacantara

PIC 32 Plexiglass...holding screws and fixings

PIC 33 Altezza import advertisement Decal

PIC 34 Side view of car, Glass and plastic windows back in, New Sparco seat

PIC 35 View forward at dash,

PIC 36 ECU mounted passenger side floor

PIC 37 Fire Extinguisher mounted

PIC 38 View Rearwards, showing Fire Extinguisher, seat and ECU/Fuse box mounted

PIC 39 Centre console, showing Battery cut off(top), and fire extinguisher T handel(bottom)

PIC 40 Centre console...again different view

PIC 41 Car front

PIC 42 car outside 2

PIC 43 Car on the Public Highway

PIC 44 Car at Night with lights on

PIC 45 Front now lowered

PIC 46 Fire extinguisher system

PIC 47 LOC logo rear

PIC 48 Black wheels

PIC 49 Black wheels, 3/4 front shot

PIC 50 SEE, the car does move...it was raining so this is as far as it went tonight

PIC 51 And heres the proof it runs........Vapour coming out BOTH exausts

PIC 52 I think someone will notice me Braking......with 5 brake lights

PIC 53 Cold air inlet, in Bumper for the air filter

PIC 54 Cold air feed pipe from bumper to air box

PIC 55 Induction pic 1, showing cold air box, and Oil catch tank

PIC 56 Induction pic 2, different angle

PIC 57 Induction pic 3, with Cover fitted

PIC 58 Aluminium sump guard

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forgot to add............went on a little jolly yesterday, about 6 miles(on trade plates)

it drove remarkebly well, only problem is the ETCS.have to push the accelerator to the floor to get it to rev, but it got to a sprightly 100mph, before realising that

a. non street legal race car, painted matt black and dayglo orange

b. public highway and amazed other road users

wasnt a good idea

as the car is much lighter now(about 400kg), AND MUCH LOWER AND STIFFER!!! the steering is so crisp and responsive, the handling is........well pretty dam amazing, however, i am a little concerned with the brakes......there too dam good now.

as the car is lighter, it doesnt take much to get them to (lock) activate the ABS

and it sounds pretty good......

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