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They "suck". Light output is most likely bad. But if you want them, go ahead.. I already experienced buying "cheap" bulbs and I was not happy. I couldn't see a damn thing on the road! The stock halogens lit up 2x more than the cheap ones. :lol:

If I were you, I would go ahead and try for the Silverstars instead.

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7000K does not mean it will provide more light than the 4000k Silverstars. This rating is not for illumination. It is the rating for color. The 7000k will be closer to a blue/purple than the blue/white of the 4000k.

Find the "lumens" rating and compare that to rating of the Silverstars to see which will brighten the darkness better.

What kind of return policy and warranty do you get with the auctioned product if you are not satisfied or if they burn out in less than a year?

I agree with what juan01 and Lex3486 said, go with what we know.


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I found that in the silverstars the 9005 type bulbs have the highest lumens, so I bought the 9005 bulbs and modified the base so it would plug into the 9006 plug, the wattage was I think 65W, just 10W higher than the stock, so I figured the stock harness could handle it. To be honest with ya'll, I was still not too happy with the color of the Silverstars (too yellow-most be the projectors in the 92-96 ES's), so I bought some 7000K, got knows how many lumen bulbs off of ebay and bought a 9006 relay harness, and the output was very nice. Also consider some HIR (halogen infrared bulbs - http://www.prolightstar.com/lightbulbs/hir_9006.html), other bulbs to also consider are the hoens (http://www.hoen-usa.com/), or Naxos bulbs (try searching google for keywords "Naxos Xenon Blue" with quotes for real life pictures of installed bulbs), oh and I also heard/read somewhere that the eurodezign bulbs produce a very nice color as well, but a lot of people have criticized their longevity. Then there are the expensive bulbs such as PIAA 8000K, which I saw a picture of installed in a 4 runner, and they looked really good, but at that point you are spending about $90, in the same expensive price range are the Polarg (these are also HIR's I think and really good too), and Razo's which are also really good. If I am not mistaken HIR type bulbs are used for small planes as well. Anyways the halogen bulbs I would like to get my hands on (and which like many other things are not available to us in the US) are the Pegasus HIR kit (I wonder what the "kit" is, perhaps a relay harness http://www.autolamp-cn.com/

Hope this helps


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