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93 Es300 Overheat Thermostat Suspect

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BTW I searced the forums and couldnt find specifically what im Looking for..

About a month ago I blew my radiator, I replaced it and my car still overheats at low and fast speeds. A mechanic said the hydraulic fan had failed because it was not moving. I figured the fan cant be the problem because it heats up on the highway but just to make sure, I tested the fan by putting the car in diagnostic mode and it worked at full speed. So then i thought it was the sensor tht tells the fan to run faster because when I checked it the resistance like the manual says, stayed constant no matter how hot the engine got. When I took the sensor out and put it in hot water it worked fine so it meant that the sensor was not getting any heat. My question is this - if the lower radiator hose is not hot is the problem is the thermostat or the water pump? I think it is the thermostat because if it is the pump there should be some heat circulating and I would be getitng a reading on the sensor.

This should help some of you..

To put the fan (hydraulic only) in diagnostic mode use a paper clip or jumper wire to connect EP1 and OP1. The fan should run at full speed.

Also the manual is wrong with Sensor resistance - it says at cold the resistance should be 1.58K but it is somewhere around 3.2K

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