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2000 Lexus Es 300 Remote Key Help Please!


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Hi Everyone,

I am new to this forum, I hope you experts can help me out here.

I purchased a used 2000 lexus ES 300. It did not come with a master key...the one that has the remote to the key. All I got is a regular key.

I am planning on purchasing an uncut key from ebay for like $40-50 and then have a locksmith or any one cut it for me. I heard the key comes with instructions to program it and one can program it on his own with some effort.

But the problem is the dealer told me that a new uncut 2000 lexus es 300 remote master key cannot be programmed and the main computer has to be replaced in the car and start new all over again, and he will charge me $84-100 for that. The compter will be free as car is under warranty.

Is there any way around to save the $100 for me.

My car has run 44000 miles any tips on maintenance?

Thanks in advance.


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You may be in trouble because you do not have a Master Key. My 2000 Lexus ES300 came with only one master key. Thanks to this forum I found information on how to program it. The new key had to be programmed twice; once for the transponder chip, and a second time for the door locks and trunk lock. I bought the new key from a Lexus Dealer recommended on this forum; I just had to provide my VIN and proof of ownership. I had to use my original master key, though to program the new key.

Good luck.

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