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Es300 Emblems


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I recently had my two Lexus "L" emblems stolen. :censored: So im in the market for some new emblems. I checked eBay for some, but there seems to be alot of different sizes for these emblems, all differing in less than 1 inch, but still, I think it would be nice to know what im getting before i bid on it. Does anyone know the measurements for emblems for a 1995 es300? Once again I am in the market for just the "L" 's but if there is something that comes in a set I wouldnt mind looking at that too. Anything you guys can provide me with would be welcome.

Also, I saw some L's that were advertised as JDM es300, but the front and rear L's were of different size. If someone could please clear that one up I would greatly appreciate it too.


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there is no jdm ES 300

as tehy don;t sell lexus in japan

it would be a regualr lexus emblem kit for sale in japan as they have no idea which ones it is and just want to have the "L" on the car

what are you looking for gold or chrome

i may have smoe new and used ones

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looking on eBay, there seems to be alot of confusion over what size emblems fit which models of lexus. i wonder if anyone with access to a 92-96 es300 could take a minute and measure the length and width of their front and rear 'L' and tell me what the measurements were and if the two are differnt sizes. I would just like to clear up some confusion.

big favor, but thanks.

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peel the red off the foam tape it is adhesive under it

i never heard back from you skippy

pm me your email adress if you are still interested

Thank you! I was concerned that if I pulled off the red adhesive, although it really isn't that sticky, I'd be removing the adhesive, i.e., I was supposed to do something else to it to get it to adhere better. Thanks again! Alexalee in Florida

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