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Eibach And Kyb Or Stock


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I am now committed to Eibach on my 97 LS400. The next question is KYB or stock struts. This is my daily driver. I am a liar.. lawyer so I will nee to take people around. I am not looking for a super car that handles on a dime but rather a more sportier suspension, like my stock Honda Accord 4-door or 300M.

I am not considering any other struts or coils or anything. I know that some people have tried Eibach and KYB and Eibach and stock. What is the difference between the two. Will I hear more noises with the KYB or stock. HELP me please. Cost is not an issue. Ride is. Can any state how much stiffer the stock and KYB's are?

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If you are referring to struts- the previous owner had just installed the gray colored KYB struts on the rear before I purchased it. The ride was very, very stiff and harsh. So bad that I had OEM Toyota struts installed. Ironically- KYB makes Toyota struts, but mack them much softer. With the Toyota struts- my car has a smooth, soft ride- like it was designed to have. I recommend Toyota-Lexus struts. Good luck.

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