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H11 Hid Conversion Kit For Rx400h Fog Light

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I finally find the time to get around to install the kit from,

this is a 35Watt hid 5000k kit ($60) for the kit, everything came with the kit,

(i.e. all the cables, adapter cables, ballast, bulb, heavy duty double sided tape

and zip ties)

I originally plan on pulling the bumper out just a tad but found out that I have to pull the front bumper out almost half way out, I used a jack stands with a tower to support the bumper, also had 2 other towers on the end of each side of the bumper so when i pull the bumper, i'm not scratching the fenders


To remove front bumper, remove the 5 tabs bumper cover once you pop the hood


You also need to remove 2 bolts one of each end of the bumper behind the wheel well, 2 allen nut on the bottom half of the bumper and 2 bottom screw

at the bottom of the bumper where the mud guard is




Once you loosen up all 6 bolts/nuts gentle pull the bumper out half way

make sure you have the towers on each end of the bumper and on the jack stand. Use the jack stand to support the bumper so it won't accidentally fall on the ground scratching your bumper or damaging the projector fog light.

You will see on each side there is a flat service available to mount the ballasts, use alcohol wipes to clean area and make sure it's clean so the heavy duty double sided tape can adhere properly.

passenger side mount


Driver side mount


Remove existing H11 bulbs, disconnect wire

install Hid H11 bulb onto projectors

connect all the cables as per instructions came with kit

clean the ballast surface with alcohol wipes before adding the double sided tape on.

mount the ballasts as seen on picture above.

test fog lights before putting the front bumper back

use zip ties for cable management as needed

reinstall bumper in reverse instructions

Finish product


I also end up installing the Thundercloud grille and led side mirrors today too.

So far

Stage 1: Installed PIAA H11 Extreme white bulbs - slight improvement over stock

Stage 2: Installed 35Watt HID H11 conversion kit, - improve visibility, a good sign

Stage 3: Install a TSX Bi-xeon projector with full 55Watt OEM kit....pending on budget

Stage 4: Install super-charged ballasts instead of OEM ballast for improve lighting.....need to wait for Stage

3 to complete before proceeding to Stage 4

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nice work. i was just thinking about doing it. do you have any pictures on the streets? is there a lot of glare?

i actually have a pair of OEM d2r bulbs and ballasts from my previous car; i'm curious if the foglight projector housing will fit them. if you've got pictures of the foglight assembly, let me know.


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D2R bulbs "most likely" won't work in the fog projector, as projectors work best with D2S bulbs...

The D2R's have parts of the glass blocked off with paint to prevent light from going in wrong places in a reflector unit. D2S bulbs don't have the paint and are designed for projector units.

But, without proper HID bulb spacing you're gonna get glare in the fog halogen projector no matter what, so i guess it won't matter...

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