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whitesnake SC400

Diagnosing Maf (afm) Sensor Failure

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i have check engine light with "lean fuel mixture" error code (most common failures for this code are airflow sensor or oxygens sensor). I took car to Lexus dealer. They diagnosed fault in air flow sensor and offered to replaced it with a new unit (price approx 1400 usd!!!).

I told them that they were full of *BLEEP* with this pricing.

I am not completely sure dealership got diagnostics right. Engine runs and idles fine. Fuel consumption haven't increased noticably. When i unplug MAF i observe rough idling and car jerks when i drive at low rpms.

Is there a way to confirm failure of AFM with ohmmeter tool?

I checked resistance between each electrical connectors (pins) of AFM but only 1st and 2nd (if you count frim the right side of installed sensor) had some impendance while other pairs were open circuit.

Hope someone had done it before and could advise.

Best regards,


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P.S. error code 24 appears after driving some time on a freeway at speed over 50mph. When i drive inside city check engine light does not light up.

Hope it adds some info in order to identify what's wrong with my car.

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