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Blackwood For The Ls


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I am developing a blackwood (but also other finishes avail) for the Lexus range, including LS, LS, SC. Basically, any model would be suitable eventually.

Basically, it uses the original parts, so the fitment is excellent.

I already found a GS and the results were very impressive.

I am now looking for someone with an LS who want to be the first :) LS.

preferrable in NorCal.

Please pm me if you are interested and state the manufacturing year of your car.

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Thats awesome! What do you do, strip the wood down and restain it? If you can perfect the process this will be ADORED by Lexus owners all over the country. Buying a Lexus is very frustrating because not every wood finish is availiable to every interior color.

Very cool, if I had an LS I'd send you the wood, I'm sure somebody here will though...

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of course, refinishing the shift knob would be part of the refinishing :)

As told, this is a still in testing. We had to be sure that the color matched the leather interior.

For instance, for the GS I am planning to offer as package all the 4 door pieces and the mid console and the shiftknob as option.

Some people already changed out their shiftknob, so I do not want to push this item.

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