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What Year Ls Would You Recommend For $9k Or Less?


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I am much appreciated for all your independent opinions regarding my proposed purchase of a '93 LS400 w/air suspension (93k & $9k). The reason for my initial interest in it was because of some of the major recurring problems in the earlier vintage LS's already being fixed (i.e., EGR pipe, dash light and air suspension). My dilemna is that I will probably pass on this one but would still like to buy an LS. Which year(s) have the fewest apparent incidents of major problems? I find some well maintained LS's out there but get nervous when these major recurring problems have yet to be fixed. I previously owned a 93 LS400 that I traded in at 125k but which experienced the EGR pipe failure (a $1,800 fix at Lexus dealer - Ouch!). I am only looking to spend no more than $9k since this will be used as a secondary, daily driver. I just purchased a new Tundra which is not good for daily use. Thanks in advance for your feedback.


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Appreciate your advise. In the San Fran market prices seem higher than the average. It does not appear likely that I will find a decent 95 yr + LS for around $9k, let alone $10k. Therefore, I've resorted to finding a '94 and prior LS with relative low miles and solid service history. Its a challenge. My concern is that even if I find a '93 or '94 LS with say less than 100k miles and with complete and current services performed, the recurring problems such as EGR pipe and dash light failures may crop-up, without notice, thereby making it not a sound investment at a price lower than $9k. The ideal situation is to find a well maintained, all current on maintenace, low mileage, EGR replaced, dash light replaced, clock/radio light replaced, air suspension replaced LS at $8k! Tough find. Do you know whether the '95 years or later LS's have these same recurring problems or different types of problems?


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