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Need Help: My 1995 Es300 Shuts Off After 3k Rpm

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weird thing just started happening..

i was driving my daily driver, a 1995 lexus es300 and suddenly after about 3k rpm, the car started to lose power and turned off, fully shut down. this was during a short trip of about 5-7miles. no overheating problems, no exhaust smoke. i have no idea what this could be, only has 140k miles and has been maintained well.

any help?


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The description is not very clear. Any electricity? can you restart? Any strange sound?

It could be battery, alternator, or broken timing belt.

not going to be a battery, or alternator. timing belt broken would result in the car not being able to be turned back on...pending your response, we will figure it out. battery...well a dead battery only reveals itself at startup...and alternator..would have an indicator on dash as well as dim lights for a day or so before it died. besides, if it was running and quit...then its not an alternator..those problems occur again when the owner attempts a restart similar to the battery prob.

give us more info and you will get a good lead here.

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sorry about lack of few details...

the car fully shuts off, engine off, but lights on the dash all light up so it keeps electricty. its not battery nor alternator nor timing belt. after it cuts off, you can turn it on again and drive, but have to keep it under 3000-3500 rpm or it begins to hesistate and shut off again. i have not driven it since then cause i was out all weekend, and will attempt to battle this tomorrow.

should i start by examining issues like possible air line leaks anywhere, or the intake rubber pipe thing for any cracks, any sensor problems, or dirty egr...?


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Much better detail, This sounds like a fuel pressure problem. Has the fuel filter been replaced? That would be the first thing I would check (if it looks like orginal, I would just replace it, don't even bother checking). These cars do not have a easy way to measure the fuel pressure, they require a fuel pressure guage with special fittings to test. You may want consider having a professional check the fuel pressure (after you check the filter).

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yeah so i tackled this problem today.. fuel filter fixed the job.. $21 at advance auto parts

find a small crack in the intake tube, i fixed that.

then i cleaned out the throttle body, it was straight black and cleaned some of the inlet on the manifold, as much as i could get my fingers in there.

then i replaced the fuel filter. really easy install, but little more fuel came out than i thought, i still smell like gasoline.

results: drives better, does not cut/turn off, BUT, now i need a VSS vehicle speed sensor. i narrowed then down between napa/advance auto parts/oreillys.. but dont know exactly which one i need. i do know its the one that goes above the transmission.. they range in price between $77-$200

so, anyone know exactly which one i need?

thanks for the help...

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Just to make sure that we are talking about the right sensor, does the speedometer/odometer work? Are you getting a code for it? The sensor that provides the signal to the speedometer, is closer to the driver side. The direct clutch speed sensor is closer to the bellhousing/engine. Just want to make sure we are talking about the same sensor.

If it is the speedometer sensor, that would explain some roughness in the engine, the ecm needs that input to adj the mixture.

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Mine is doing the same thing I replace feul filter but it is still doing the same thing, no Chang. So next I pulled off o2sen started it all though noisy but still no go soits not the cat so I order a new fuel pump hasent got here yet but I'm I on the right track? Also one off the silender is not fireing it is driver side rear smell like gass when running but if I unplug feul injector gas smell goes away so I ordered a new spark plug coil hopping that that will fix problem, imi on the right track? Please respond..

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