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Hey, New Guy With A Cressida And A Es 300


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Whats up guys? Just signed up on the great forum you guys have here. I personally own 2 Cars, a 87' Toyota Cressida. I know you guys never heard of this car. It's powered by a 6mge Inline 6 engine same as supra producing 190 HP! Also its Rear wheel drive, has limited slip differential and I love this car to death! I also own a 96' Lexus Es 300, very fun car to drive. Nice to be here, talk to you guys soon!

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i think most owners would know the pre-lexus luxury toyota car

it used to be the top of the line

here in toronto there is a member of the toronto supra club who comes out to the meets with 1 of i think 3 cressidas he has

it is basically a 4 door supra as far as drivetrain is concerned

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Welcome 87-TRDCressida,

I've owned 2 Cressidas, 81 and 92. Best running cars I've

ever owned other than my current 93LS. The LS runs and rides

better than any vehicle I've had. My sister bought a 03 MB E320

back in November and my old 93LS has a far superior ride than

the MB.

Welcome to the club!

Don M.

:D :D

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Ah, I remember that car. My parents loved theirs', but I must disagree with you regarding the Limited Slip. I wouldn't be surprised if it has a similar setup as my SC :unsure: :D

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cressidas do have and lsd

Our 91 didn't. In snow, one wheel was spinning the other was not. Perhaps the 92-93s may have. I have my doubts if any Cressida had LSD. got any sources i could look at?

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