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Well i thought i would share with all of you what happened today in my Lexus. it was very scary and i can't say how lucky i am to be out of it okay.

i was driving to autozone in the SC4. just like any other day...when im driving down a strip road speed limit is roughly 40-50 mph or so. so anyways im just cruisin at 50 mph not thinking anything of what was going on when i approach an intersection. my light is green and nobody is in front of me. i proceed through the intersection staying in my lane.

when some IDIOT decides to make an illegal U-turn through the intersection. i can't stress enough the words "right as i was passing through" he came directly into my lane....if there was any words i could say to describe where i was when he did this i would say this...i was JUST breaking the stop line of the intersection. going 50 mph. in my lane. when he does this stupid act. my heart sank and i had no idea what to do, how to react, i prepared for the worst...

my instincts made me cut the wheel as far away from them as i could. which resulted my car spinning out going 50 mph.

*i avoided them* and i also want to add that it did not spin out at first, it held the road like it was on a string and steered away from a head on collision. the spin out occured after i was safely past them and trying to avoid the sidewalk / curb / guard rail. so here i am spinning around on a main road from 50mph and coming to a screeching halt sideways. all while having my brake pedal to the floor.

the angle at which my sc400 must have had to steer is remarkable to me to have avoided think that a 16 year old car still has the potential to pull lateral G's like it did amazes me. from 50mph to turning on a DIME like it must have had to...THHEN it was a combination of the ABS system and TRAC system working to perfection to keep my car from smashing into the guard rail and locking the tires up. this would have been a direct head on collision for me had my car not done what it did. i dont want to say it saved my life but there is a chance it may have.

we own serious machines here guys. mine proved it to me today.

cheers to our cars :cheers:

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what i love the most about it is that this car doesn't scream LOOK AT ME. no fancy spoilers, no obnoxiously loud exhaust that sound terrible, nothing fake about yet. however it will still blow the doors off most anything out there...! :lol:

then take us for a long drive to where ever we want in style and doesn't lack ride quality for performance whatso ever..its the best of both worlds = ]

tell me what you think about my photo shoot too if you wouldn't mind = ] its a few topics up

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