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Where Should I Wash My Car During The Winter?

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i live in salt lake city, where the winter this year has been pretty cold & snowy. with all the snow we've had the past few weeks, my lx450 is pretty dirty w/ road salt. it's too cold to wash the car by hand at my house. what do other members do to keep their cars clean in winter months in areas where it's too cold to wash by hand? also, anyone in the slc area know a good touchless carwash or at least a do-it-yourself place that's heated?

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As long as you dont dry your car or use that brush, a touchless wash or a spraydown at a self service bay is better then letting it be dirty.

I do however reccomend a product called Protect All Quick and Easy Wash. You can was you vehicle anywhere with just a gallon of water, a wash mitt and a towel. Sounds unbelieveable, but it works well. Check it out at www.protectall.com

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Hey, SW03ES,

Do you use Protect All Quick and Easy Wash instead of traditionally washing your car with a soap and lots of water now? The product is intriguing, but I am a little reluctant to try it. I guess the concept of something being "clean" without soap and lots of water (like traditional car wash) is really foreign to me.

So after you use Protect All Quick and Easy Wash, do you go ahead with your other ritual like polish/wax or seal or is this product just for touch up in between your major washes? Thanks in advance. :)

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Yes, I doubt I will ever do a bucket and hose wash again. I too was really skeptical but I've talked with several detailers including pros that have used the product for over 10 years and it really is 100% safe. The only time you need a hose is when the car is really dirty and it needs a spraydown...

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Quote: Where Should I Wash My Car During The Winter?

~One mans opinion / observation~

Quick & Easy Wash (QEW) is from Protect All, a company that makes maintenance products for the camping and RV hobbyists.

The label states, “Wash anywhere water use is restricted, such as campgrounds, RV parks, garages, apartment and condominiums....

QEW supposedly leaves no film and won't remove wax, it doesn't bead, but ‘sheets’ water as it exhibits very low surface tension.

Equipment required: two- 2gal buckets of warm water, 2- lambs wool wash mitts, 1- drying towel and a Microfiber towel.


·Mix 2oz of QEW in the wash bucket.

·Saturate the mitt and wash one panel at a time, wiping in the one direction only.

·Dry the panel with a Waffle Weave towel (or whatever you usually use.) Allow the first mitt soak while using the second to do the next panel, and work around the car, alternating mitts. Just dry the panel after wiping.

·If your car is very dirty use a slightly stronger solution of QEW, and ensure the wash mitt is very saturated.

·You may want to spray the panels with a QEW solution and let them soak before using the method outlined above, changing the rinse water very frequently.

In summary: QEW is as effective as a regular wash, whenever there is a water shortage, cold weather washing, as it takes less time, or a water hose is not available (condominiums, car shows, etc). However careful you are, washing your car introduces swirls and micro scratches, and the best you can hope for is to minimize them, QEW does that. Hard to believe that you can efficiently wash a vehicle with just one gallon of water and two ounces of QEW in about an hour.

~Hope this helps~

Experience unshared; is knowledge wasted…/

justadumbarchitect * so i question everything*

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