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Buy A 93ls400 W/airsusp & 93k For $9k?


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I previously owned a 93 LS400, but regretably traded it in on a Honda CRV. I now need a new spare car and have found another 93 LS400, same color as what I previously had (jade green), with 93k, air suspension, nakamichi, traction, heated seats and chrome rims. Services performed on it are as follows:

1. 90k service performed (not at dealer)

2. Timing belt replaced (not at dealer)

3. Brakes replaced (dealer)

4. EGR pipe replaced (dealer)

5. Air suspension replaced (all 4 shocks) @ 87k (dealer)

6. Dash board lights went out a few weeks ago and were replaced (dealer)

Known issues recommended to be replaced by a Lexus dealer:

1. Front ball joints ($559 plus $149 for alignment)

2. Hood shocks ($270)

3. CV boots ($506)

4. Coolant bottle & level sensor ($337)

5. Heather valve ($197)

This a two owner car, second owner purchased it as a certified vehicle from a Lexus dealer. Exterior is perfect, interior is in very good condition. WOULD YOU BUY IT FOR $9K? Would you pass on it for one without the air suspension, even though it has just been entirely replaced?

Thanks All.


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You list another $2K worth of work on it just to start out so that's $11K.

I haven't looked up a blue book but a lot of 90-94 owners will chime in soon.

How does that rate with the trade you got for your CRV? My feelings are this is much more that you got for the trade in of your previous LS.

These cars are expensive to have work on (Lexus) - so are you DIY inclined; it would be hard for me to spend another 20%+ (of my purchase price) for repairs. I think I'd go about $7K.

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That's very low mileage, but the price is a bit high for needing all those other things.

I wouldn't personally have a problem with going with the air suspension since it's brand new. I mean, they're expensive to repair/replace, but you should be able to go several years without worrying about that.

My dealer wanted $410 for the lower ball joints and $117 for alignment. I bought the ball joints for $85 each and installed them myself. If you are at all competent with a jack and a couple of tools, you could handle that job. I still need to get the alignment, but you should be able to beat the dealer's price by alot at an alignment specialist.

The hood shocks can be replaced with $16.99 units from AutoZone with a little handiwork and less than an hour of your time. The result is very good...the only problem appears to be that the hood doesn't open *quite* as high as it used to. But for that much money, I'll live with it. Some people don't even bother with that, keeping a wooden stick handy to prop the hood open when needed.

I don't know about the CV boots. I bought a pair and am waiting for a free day to jack up the back and and see if it's something I can handle. The boot kit, including grease, was only $25.

You should be able to patch the coolant bottle by yourself, but if you're not into that, you could at least take it to a local mechanic (non-Lexus) to see if he can fix it for $20. I imagine there just a crack in the plastic?

And the heater valve can be done by any old mechanic, if not yourself.

So, in my opinion, if you like the car alot, go for it. It's had most of the "common problems" already repaired, and the remainder you'll find to be needed on almost any Gen 1 LS400.


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I would pass on that car unless the seller can come down to about $7000 like 99LS said. I think that $9K is way to much for a 93, despite the low miles and all of the recent work. Also remember the additional $2K in the needed repairs. I would shop around. KBB shows a value of $7300. for this car in good condition.

Good luck.

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Someone just put somewhere near $5000 into this car, eliminating a bunch of potential headaches that could easily pop up on any random Gen 1. That's gotta count for something.

If he could get a similar car but without all those new parts for $7000, that would be a much worse deal, and it, too, would probably need most of the repairs that this cars has had identified, like CV boots, ball joints, hood shocks, etc. Those are all things that any Gen 1 could be "held accountable" for.

IMO, it's not just about how much a car costs to purchase.


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Would certainly try to lower the price on this Lexus; the repairs can be done for a guess of $500., doing most of them yourself.

Question the value estimate of this car. My Lexus had a rearender repair 4 months ago and the repair cost was $6000.+{attached} . It was repaired by the insurance without question. AND the car had 163,000 miles on it !!!!

Granted it is in extremely good condition, but how much do 'value' people consider condition.

Wouldn't the insurance company have totaled the car if it was worth only $7000.??

Anyway, check out your car value very close and consider if you can do the repair(with this forum help), then show the guy the KBB value, then deal down---you may have a diamond in the rough. Certainly some timely work has been done on that car-------


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:lol: I'd go for $7000 - the extra money spent repairing the car does not increase the value of the it because the bluebook assumes that the car is free of all those problems. I've seen 95+ now going for about $9000, they dont have as much problems with ps pump, dash lights going out etc
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