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I have a 1998 LS400 and I am having problem with my dash light. It goes out from time to time. When driving it goes out. Of course, this means I can't see how fast I'm going (wonder if that's a good excuse for speeding?) When it first started, I would just pull over and turn the engine off/restart it. Sometime it occurs frequently and other times it won't happen for days. The dealer want to charge $800 just to look at it. Any ideas.

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purportedly, the 'light-out' problem in cold weather only happens to Gen1 90~94. I believe yours is the first one we heard for a 98.

for 90~94 models, the problem is a bad 50-cents capacitor (C212 16V/10uf) on the main circuit board inside instrument cluster.



but more than likely the circuit board is different on 98 model, so contact the ebayer on this item:


see whether they can handle a 98 LS400. they only charge $175.

or check with Jim Walker who knows about this sort things very well:


good luck!

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