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Help With Tire Pressure...


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My 1999 Lexus came with L-Sportline 20 Wheels and I had a new set of low profile tires put on them, something like 285/30/20's (Bridgestone Potenza S-03 Pole Position's). Anyway the recommended Max tire pressure per the tire manufacturer is like 51 PSI.

I have been told by various local tire shops that I should have between 30-45 psi depending on who I talked to. Idiots around here. I am tired of getting quick opinions that are mainly based on standard tire pressures for most tire.

Since I have low profile tires and lsportline suspension and 20" rims I would think the pressure might be slightly different than a lexus off the showroom floor. I also live down south and there are many many potholes which cuases blowouts very easliy in a car/tire/wheel package like I habe.

What I am trying to find out is the optimal tire pressure recommended by the manufacturer so the the tires will last the longest and reduce the chance of uneven wear and tear sicne they are a wide profile.

As a side note...if I could/should increase/decrease pressure to improve ride and or offer more protection from potholes that would be great.


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When I had 30 series tires, my tire pressure was around 38-40. As tires heat up, tire pressure expands so you do NOT want too much air in your tires. Anything lower than 35, you have a chance of denting your wheels when hitting potholes and bumps

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