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My First Car :)

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Hey guys, i know this is only thought to be an is 300 forum but i own a is 200 and live in iceland , hope that works for you :)

i was thinking about buying a new set of rims since the original 17" are actually nice but i want to stand out with my car.

so i found 19" black rims

Size: 19"x8" front, 19"x9.5" rear

Off Set: +20mm front, +25mm

Bolt Pattern: 5x114.3

Finish: Full Gloss Black with Polished Lip

Center Bore: 73.1mm




so i was thinking if anyone could tell me if the rims will fit??? if they do,

will the profile on the tires be okay, since the tires are 265-50-R19

Also some future plans are to tint the rear fog lights

get some demon eyes and also xenon frontlights :)

please, be so kind and give me an answer about the rims/wheels :P

Jon Oli, the icelander :)

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Welcome to the USA LOC. Posting here gets a bit slow during the summer. The size of the rims are ok, but the offsets are way aggressive. Your going to need to roll the fenders to make room for those.

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It is if you don't know how to do it. :) Rolling fenders is more of an art than it is a science. In your case I would ask around and find someone who has expereince with this. But it's going to add alot of money to the cost of these rims. You might want to find a set with I would say 36-40 mm offsets. Those should fit without rubbing or needing to roll the fenders.

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