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Found this slide show of what's going on in Iran today with the election "term used lightly". One can only think, that some of these people are seeing and hearing about the new found freedoms their neighbors in Iraq are beginning to enjoy, and want the same. Out of all the ways the world is changing these days, I must admit, that I honestly do believe that Bush was correct in regards if you plant the seeds of freedom and democracy, it will grow and grow and grow. Just one tiny slither in the pie of motivation for these people to stand up and say "bull sh*t, we're tired of this crap in Iran, we want change like the rest of the world".

Spend a few minutes and watch this before commenting. It's pretty amazing "especially since the Iran government is trying feverishly to block the world from seeing this". Kind of gives new meaning to my signature below as well.


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It is not so much a problem that the people in Iran want freedom , they have that already.

They want a leader who is not an idiot who makes stupid remarks and defends his people not his interests.

He reminds me of Bush in his half cocked way of thinking .

I hope they get rid of that idiot president in Iran , he does nothing for the world or his own people.

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