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Hit A Curb... Help!


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Newbie here. hate this to be my first post but....

So I ran over a curb yesterday... no big deal right? Except a second after a big boom i hear the sound of rims on concrete... pull over. Blew out TWO TIRES. On the return to the curb we noticed the curb was exposed and rebar was sticking out. GREAT thats what did it. So much for the city maintaining its own curbs. So I managed to bend the right front rim but ended up throwing on a new set of Goodyear Assurances again. the last set only got 20,000 mile on them and they were down to 3/32" tread... wow. Anyways Im having all the work done taking the $900 hit without a replacement rim and they tell me they cant align it, the suspensions tweaked. Belows a copy of the best job they could do. Its going into the shop tomorrow but any ideas? I wouldnt think hitting the curb would do this. It pulled to the right BEFORE the incident but a new symptom is a vibration of the right front wheel above 40 MPH. Any ideas?



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The vibration is likely a warped or bent wheel from hitting the curb. You might be able to balance it out if it is very minor but since you put new tires in they must have tried. Search this thread as someone just posted a similar thread where they were able to send wheel out for straightening for much cheaper than a new one.

As for suspension its time to visit your Lexus dealer. No offense to guys at Sears but they’re probably not equipped to handle subtleties of your car.

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Heres the update:

The car has been aligned, rebalanced and rotated and the vibration and humming still persist. Also, a less than reputable shop put in two new front shocks a few months ago and Ive noticed the front sits about an inch or so higher than the rear, the mechanic referenced a ride height sensor being messed up. Any input? Anyone know of a good indy around the woodlands/spring/conroe/houston?

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