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Bottom Of New Ls430


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I have seen only one of these ads[in the NFL playoff this past w/e] wherein the bottom of the new one looks like a golf ball. Has dents all over bottom. To reduce wind noise and drag friction. Haven't seen this noted in the forum.

Watch for the ad this weekend??(in playoffs), if you missed it.

Think this may be a 'first' in production; have heard of this on belly pans of salt lake machines.

Sure wonder what a new one is like----BUT, I am NOT about go to a dealer and find out; sometimes ignorance is 'bliss'.

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I checked the underside of my 04 LS 430 and it is exactly what you see in the ad. I have seen this ad on three occassions here in San Diego, CA.

2004 Lexus LS 430, Euro Tuned Suspension, SmartAccess, Modern Luxury Package, etc.

Mellinium Silver/Ash

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I have to agree. I was intriqued by the commercial. Amazing what they come up with in technology. I laughed whan I heard what Tan said because I was thinking the exact same thing. The lst thing I want to do is go check it out at the dealer. That checkout could cost me $60G+ then my wife would take it anyway.


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THis may be great Technology, but it was done by Richard Petty back in the early 70s. He was racing a Thunder Chicken/Road Runner and he put raised dimples all over the roof of the car.

By the next race weekend it was made illegal.

Might have gotten away with it had he put them on the underside of the car.

Oh Well!


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