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Wait For '05 Rx330?


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Please help. I'm in the market for a new SUV and like the RX330 a lot. However, after reading about the various issues with the '04 model (road noise, shift hesitation) I'm becoming more hesitant.

Does anyone know when the '05 models will be available? I'm not in a great hurry but it'd be nice to have a new car by early summer. Should I wait for the '05 rx330? Thanks in advance

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I recently purchased the '04 RX330 in November, and I absolutely love it. I have not noticed all the ticks and troubles that others have experienced with their RX330. There are only two issues that I have noticed; the headlights are adjusted too low to the ground, and I do notice a slight "lag" when trying to accelerate as experienced by others on this forum. There is, however, nothing that I personally have experienced with my car that would make me tell others to necessarily wait to purchase the '05 model.

Of course it is your perrogative to wait until the '05 model comes out, and it's quite true that Lexus may resolve all the other "annoying" problems others have mentioned. It is, however, no guarantee that the new model will not have problems of its own. In other words, no car will ever be perfect. My suggestion is to test drive the RX330 a few more times to see if you love it enough to purchase it. If you don't love it, then wait. It is basically what quirks in the car you can accept/tolerate. I personally can live with some of the quirks of the RX330. Good luck! :D

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Your last comment on HOV had me really excited since I "thought" you meant the state of Washington. I went to the WS DOT site and found this:

Can single drivers in fuel-efficient vehicles or hybrids travel in the HOV lane?

No. Fuel-efficient and clean-fuel vehicles reduce the amount of pollutants in the environment and improve the air we breathe. These vehicles do not, however, contribute to reducing traffic congestion when they are operated with only a single occupant. The main purpose of the HOV system is to move people, not vehicles. As a single-occupant vehicle, fuel-efficient cars do not increase the number of people moved on a freeway HOV lane.

The state of California recently made a change to their HOV policy to allow electric cars, or gas/electric hybrids to use HOV lanes with only one person in the vehicle. They instituted this change because of severe air quality conditions and an existing state environmental law requiring that a certain percentage of all vehicles sold in California be low emission vehicles. Allowing electric vehicles in the HOV lane gives citizens and carmakers incentive to buy/produce vehicles. Air quality in Washington urban areas has not reached a level to warrant implementing similar laws allowing electric vehicles use of HOV lanes.


Darn! :(


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Just to clarify a point. As of January 29, 2004, California does not allow hybrid vehicles (such as the Toyota Prius or Honda Insight) to use the state's High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes with a single occupant.

While the hybrid vehicles currently offered in California are very clean vehicles, they do fall short of the EVs and alternative fuel vehicles in several key areas and are not eligible for single occupant HOV lane use. Even when counting power plant emissions, Zero-Emission Vehicles (ZEVs) offer significant reductions over hybrids and these emission rates improve over time due to the fact that hybrids produce more emissions as they age. In addition, gasoline powered vehicles have large emissions contributions due to the "upstream" pollution of refineries and fuel distribution.

Be sure to check your state's current policy before assuming that you can drive your new Lexus RX400h solo in the carpool lane.

For more information on California rules, check out the following link:


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OMG...The RX400H...I cannot wait...I have been tracking that car for the past 2 years since I first heard about it...I just traded in my ES300 for an RX300 and I love it...I think I'll weait a bit after the RX400H is out and get one off a short lease...I canont wait...Those are going to be selling like crazy...I be as fast as if not quicker than the SC430 wehn they first came out...I guess we will all have to wait patiently until it does...Until then I'll be dreaming in my sleep!!!

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Wait, we're very disappointed with the 2004 RX330. Its an OK vehicle, but for the price and the reputation of Lexus, we expected much better. We agree on the comment on the FX 35, if you like the styling, its seems to be a better vehicle. Wish we would have bought one.


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I just got to thinking after reading the post on the HOV lanes, that makes

some great sense. HOV is designated, with the concept of decreasing

Pollution and traffic congestion from single operators. I think if you've got

a hybrid, that is recognized as being less pollutive, you should be allowed

the travel in the HOV (somewhat the same idea as the benefits of the HOV

lane). I know if I've got to drive to Hartford, for a morning, it's pure torture.

Best way to put it, far right lane--- 20mph, middle lane-- 25 mph, and the

left travel lane---a buzzing 30mph or so at crunch time.

Good Idea-----I think it's got merits


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