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Gs 400 Wont Start After Replacing Starter

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98 Lexus GS400 problem starting. First off my starter went out... With the assistance of my roomate who is somewhat of a mechanic we were able to replace the starter. Took off intake manifold using a guide which wasnt too difficult and replaced the starter. Once done the car turned over perfectly. but was running very rich and...

THEN we noticed there was a leak in the vacuum line. Problem was when we were mounting the intake manifold we somehow pinched the line and put a hole in it.

So we then had to redo the whole project. Took manifold off and when we got in there sure enough there was a huge hole in the vacuume line into the manifold. we ofcourse replaced this along with the intake manifold gasket and throttle body gasket... considering the car started fine just days ago it was just the vacuum leak we thought everything would start up just fine and run like a champ...

Once we double and triple checked that everything was reconnected correctly we tried to turn it over and got this rapid electrical clicking noise and it wouldnt turn over. The spark plugs are new along with the battery so we are lost. just wont start...

We are thinking maybe that the car since the battery was disconnected so long is in some security mode or the ecu needs to be reset or something weird like that. Please help if you have any ideas on whats going on...

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