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Dash Kit - Removing A Piece


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I just bought an 01 IS300. It's got a dash kit, brownish carbon fiber. Well I'd like to switch out the dash kit eventually, but for now I just need to remove a piece of it that looks bad. The piece is the top piece in the center of the dash. It's damaged, portions of it have peeled off of the base, it just looks lame. I think it'd look fine without this piece. So, how to get this thing off without causing damage? Goof off? Lighter fluid? Something else? What can I use to pry the piece off without doing damage?

I searched for this but didn't find it.

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One of the safest ways I know of is to use some warm soapy water and non waxed dental floss and "cut" the glue between the dash and the dash kit material. You can also use a hair drier on the dash kit to help loosen up the glue a bit first. Seeing as you don't care about the dash kit peice that your taking off, then you won't have to worry about burning it. Once it's off, I would use some NAPTHA VMP and a terry cloth type towel to get the rest of the glue residue off. You can get that at any Home Depot or Lowe's type of store.

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