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Homelink Garage Door Opener

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Have a 2003 ES 300 that I just bought used. Have successfully programmed the Homelink system to it opens my garage door. However, I can only activate the door when the door is up. Cannot open the door when the door is down. It appears that the Homelink signal transmitter is not strong enough to open the door from the car. My old garage door opener still works fine. I have tried extending the small antennae that hangs from the gargage door opener but no dice. Anyone have any ideas? Many thanks.

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That's a weird one for sure! What I'd try is to bare the end of the receiver antenna wire and add another 2 feet of wire to its end. That may extend the range of the receiver enough to pick up the signal from your car. You may even find that by moving the antenna to different locations around the opener that you'll fix the problem as well. Good Luck!

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That is very odd. Usually if the Homelink has a weak signal, it works both ways, opening and closing the door. I know the homelink in my 4Runner is weak and sometimes can not open one gate going to my house, but the homelink in my GX works flawlessly.

I don't know if tint's an issue like SK asked. Then again, normally people don't have windshield tint

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