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Gvvw 6100 Lb Technical Recall, Tax Considerations


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I was surprised to find out about this recall by reading posting from this site. I found the confirmation for that in the NHTSA database. When I went to check for the sticker, that I clearly remember visible on my driver's side window, it disappeared. All other original stickers didn't, including a temporary set of dealer tags.

When I mentioned it to my rep at Lexus, there was a long pause and no response. This is a big concern to me since I purchased the vechicle in part due to a Tax benefit. In addition to me having problems with

1. AC not cooling when hot

2. vibration during acceleration between 55 and 70

3. propeller shaft, unwinding under my seat, the famous thump in the bumper

4. various seals (door, moonroof being deformed)

5. rust covered bolts/frame under the car (it came that way) and all new GX's have that problem (sea travel is a perilous journey -- according to Lexus Tech) Check it out folks!

6. Uphill assist controll making noises just when I move from brake to gas pedal during uphill starts -- also "NORMAL" according to Lexus

Could it be possible that it was swiped on one of my frequent visits to the dealer?? Nah.. I probably took it off, I mean, it did say, must be removed by only owner, didn't it?! :(

I also wonder, how many Lexus's damage control folks are "Moderating" this board..

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If you bought the vehicle because it was sold as >6010 GWV, and then later Lexus says oops sorry its not- you have a legal right to revoke your acceptance of the vehicle and get ALL your money back. :chairshot: No deductions for mileage driven. It is a Lexus problem with a whole can of worms for them.

You will need to 'prove' or 'be able to prove' it was sold to you as conforming to the higher GWV. You will also need to affirmatively state clearly that the higher GWV was and is a key/critical factor in the purchase decision, and the vehicle would not even have been considered if it did not meet that criteria

You may have to get an attorney to make them do it, but THE LAW is on YOUR side. :cheers:

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Corrective Summary:

    As each label is vehicle identification number specific, owners will be requested to contact their local Lexus dealer first to place an order for the corrected label. Once the label has arrived at the dealership, the owner will be contacted for label replacement.  Owner notification is expected to begin during April 2003.  Owners who take their vehicles to an authorized dealer on an agreed upon service date and do not receive the free remedy within a reasonable time should contact Lexus at 1-800-255-3987.


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Maybe one should do some basic research (I provided the recall # after all :) ) before submitting their ingorance for all to read or ....  such response is intentional, -- hence, my point..

At the risk of sounding rude .....

As I recall this whole scenario, it strikes me as to "whom", should do some more fact checking. I understand that the NHTSA report sided concerned the 2003 GX470 only. And for that year's Tax consequences, fell under the depreciation cap for a "family" vehicle. This GVW error was corrected for the 2004 year series. I am not sure what was modified by the manufacturer, but it is now cataloged as GVW 6100lbs (probably HP and other factors). And that is how it stands now, 6100 GVW, and approved within the "non-family" category.

I read some of your other complaints. Some of them could be legitemate problems with your truck. But, some of them are true operational characteristics of ANY car or truck (i.e. uphill assist making noises, same as ABS braking noises can't get around that).

It may be true, you might be able to recover some potential tax benefits, lost from the purchase of the truck. But, I REALLY doubt you could get the dealer or the manufacture to seriously consider a remimbursement or return of your purchase price (as cited by Texasoil). I have read quite a few forums, during my selection process of what to purchase, and trust me NONE of them have completely happy people. There is always someone who did not get what they THOUGHT they should.

I for one, find some small inconveniences with the truck. But, given what I have witnessed in other manufacturers, have no big complaints. And NO ... I do not represent lexus, just my own cognitive self.

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I love the fact people who have problems with their cars automatically assume that this site is run by Lexus employees and that we're out to get them. Arrogance and paranoia all wrapped up in one package.

None of us work for Lexus, hell I wish I did. :rolleyes:

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There was a recall back in feb 03 about the first batch of GX470s which had stickers of 6100 GVWR (which included mine) and they changed those stickers and we got $1k credit towards any Lexus service or accesory purchase.

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Sorry to sound like a newbie, but what is difference bewteen the "Gross Vehicle Weight" and the "Curb Weight?" On the Lexus site, it shows the curb weight of the GX to be 4871 lbs, it does not show the gross vehicle weight.

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Sorry to sound like a newbie, but what is difference bewteen the "Gross Vehicle Weight" and the "Curb Weight?"  On the Lexus site, it shows the curb weight of the GX to be 4871 lbs, it does not show the gross vehicle weight.

Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) is what the vehicle rating is for a full load of people and packages. This does not include the towing weight. Think of it as the rating your truck can move down the road, before your axles snap. :whistles:

That is not literally what it means, but the rating is something to help determine how much you can put inside the vehicle. The newer rating of GVW6200 lbs. is probably because of the newer horsepower bump which give it more torque to move. :)

The "Curb Weight", is what the vehicle weighs empty.

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I don't know about you 03, 04 owners...but my05 stickers states GVW 6200lbs....wheew...you guys had me worried.

I have an '05 as well and it states 6200lbs. Does your '05 go thump?

No thumps...i have 1600miles on it.

well, that's a good start!!

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