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Can I Swap Front Grille's On 04-09 Rx's?


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hey guys. I just bought a 2008 Rx400h. The front grill looks like this:


Problem is that i have 4 laser jammer units that i need to install in the front, and i'd like to incorporate two of them in the front grill (the pice with the "L" logo.

With the 400h grill, there's no way i can fit the jammers as they're approx 4" x .75" each, and there aren't any "slots" i could use.

But then i found this grille on a 2005 Rx330 thundercloud ed:


Not only does this grille look better IMO, but the slots would be perfect to insert the jammer units.

Does anyone know if the thundercloud grille would fit in the 400h? I'm pretty sure they will, but just wanted to see if anyone has done this before.

Also, does anyone know where i can buy one of these '05 thundercloud grille's without spending too much $$$? Ebay's a bust.

Thanks for any input! :)

This is how i want to install them:


But i don't want to cut the grille because it would look stupid...

but if i had the t-cloud grille, see how nicely they'd fit?


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And why do we need laser jammers? CD I can understand making some mods but changing a grill for laser jammers? I don't think the grill looks any better but your car it's your choice.

Just to let you know when I was 17 I had a 5.0 ford mustang gt sweet car it would fly. My grandfather was a retired state trooper and he saw a radar/laser detector in the car. He said you know if you get pulled you will get a ticket just because you have that. Not because they are illegal but because the police see it as you are intentionaly speeding. Me a know it all kept it. Got nailed 2 times, guess what I have not used that thing in forever and guess what no tickets. Been stopped a few times got warnings. Do you "need" laser jammers man you are 20 years old.

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That's why i'm going to hide the sensors well, so they don't stand out like sore thumbs ;)

And as far as my radar detector, it's a remote detector, meaning the sensor is hidden behind the front grille, wires running through the firewall into the cabin where i have hidden switches and an LED HUD to notify me, along with a silent mode button ;)

Where i live, they're starting to use a lot of laser guns vs radar guns. Unlike radar, there's no detection warning to give me time to slow down, it's instant. As soon as the laser hits me, he's got my speed. It's not that i'm a speed demon, just sometimes i don't pay attention and drift into higher speeds. I thought it was hard to tell speed in my Rx300, you should feel it in the 400h!.... It's too easy to speed. The radar detector just "wakes me up" and the jammer, well, protects me on long range, giving me time to slow down before an officer can get a break through on his laser gun...

I'm using a Bell STI-R Radar & laser detector and 4 laser jammer sensors from the Blinder M45.

I did several independent tests on my Rx300 using the 4 jammers and a laser gun (i rented one for $200/week....) and i got JTG every time, only getting a few breakthrough's at short distances. It really works! I hope they don't make them illegal anytime soon, because they're awesome.

I'd recommend anyone who drives a lot one of these systems.

Anyways, i just ordered one of the thundercloud ed grilles brand new from Sewell for $300... It's perfect for my app.

Here's the sensors i had mounted in the Rx300. I'll be able to hide them better in the t-cloud grille on the 400h.


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Well the grille arrived today, looks BEAUTIFUL but the emblem from the 400h does not fit. It's a tad too big.

I went to my local lexus dealer, and they were stumped as to what emblem will fit. They looked up the thundercloud model, but couldn't find a special part number for the thundercloud grille emblem. They think the emblem from the 04-06 Rx330's will fit just fine.

I went out into the pre-owned lot, and noticed there is a difference in size between the 04-06 Rx330 emblems and the 07-09 Rx350 and 06-09 Rx400h emblems, the 330's seems smaller, so i ordered one for $30...

It's coming in Wed morning!!... We'll see lol.

I wanna get it installed! It looks BEAUTIFUL.

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Yeahh, the hybrid emblem and the 07-09 Rx350 emblems are larger than their predecessor 04-06 Rx330's...

I didn't make it to the dealer today to pick up the new (hopefully right) emblem, but i'll get it tomorrow.

But the grille is installed (just without the emblem obv) and i got the laser jammers installed, it looks beautiful. Really spices up the front of the car.

I'll get some pics tomorrow :)

And yeahh the Rx400h replaced the Rx300. <_< The Rx300's really nice, but i like the newer features of the 400h a LOT.

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I have the best radar/laser detector... MY EYES :o :o :o

(hence which explains why I have not been pulled over yet, plus I personally do not like having tachy detectors in my car)

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Haha yeah, we made the sale so quickly i didn't have time to remove the projector headlights, find a buyer, and buy factory ones to replace them with- so we just sold it with the projectors. The guy even worked for a lexus dealer a few years ago, had no idea they weren't stock, that's how good they were ;) Here's the link for my rx300 he's selling lol


As for the radar detector being tacky, this one ain't ;) It's a remote detector which means there's nothing in the windshield. Just a sensor mounted BEHIND the front grille (next to the two horns in front of the radiator) and wires through the firewall into the cabin. I made custom switches too. I dremeled a hole next to the headlight washer button and molded switches for the radar and laser. Looks 100% oem. No one will ever be able to tell i have it unless they open my hood.

And for the laser jammers, i've mounted them, two in the grille and two in the smaller grille around the license plate. They're not very noticeable, but definitely worth having for the amt of driving i do.

Here's the finished product. Picked up the emblem today from Lexus. I also painted the "inner" chrome sides with transparent blue stained glass paint to give it that "blue accent" effect that's present on the rear emblem of the 08-09 rx400h. I prepped the chrome and baked the paint on, should last forever. But if it's doesn't, the emblems are only $30 from Lexus... I think it looks really cool.



The pics are dark, but it looks much better in daylight.









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