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01 Lx470, Levinson Amp, Speaker Replacements....


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Ok, before I get flamed, I did search for this before posting so here goes...

I purchased a 2001 LX470 a couple of years ago and the guy told me that the front right speaker was blown and that he had replaced the fronts with some kenwoods or something. I really didnt think much about it as I got a good deal and didnt think it was that big of a deal......

Fast forward to present and now the speakers are popping after I listen to the stereo for about an hour or so.

My guess is that it is the amp and that as the amp heats up, it is popping due to the aftermarket speakers....


What do I do? What would you do?

Anyone have any idea of what it costs to replace the amp and speakers in a 2001 LX with navigation and mark levinson?

I love my LX but as a big stereo guy, this is killing me, in fact, I have it for sale right now because of this problem. I sure would love to fix it b/c the truck is great.

Thanks in advance,


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I honestly think a bad speaker or two does not justify getting rid of a truck of this caliber. My guess is that the previous speakers were blown for some reason and the guy replaced it with something cheap. The standard mark levinson stereo system uses an amp with 240W continuous ave power with 1% THD+N at 20KHz with distortion frequency range from (20-20000Hz). That is to say that the power rating (assuming sinusoidal load) is puching out a resistence equal to Volt(peak)^2/(2*Volt(RMS)*Current(RMS)). This gives you an idea of how much power per speaker (11 in Lx470 but sub takes in a bit more so about 10-sub power) must take. All in all this system is comparable to some of the best home stereo systems. Cheap speakers will not be able to handle this setup(at least not for long). My advice is to replace the speaker with appropriate quality speakers. Expensive cars require expensive parts unfortunately.

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