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How To Reset Maintenance And Other Lights On Ls430

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There are three major warning light issues:

For the oil change/oil filter warning:

Start with the ignition switch "ON"

1. Push the "ODO/TRIP" button to change the display to blank.

2. Turn the ignition switch off.

3. Turn the ignition switch to "ON" with the trip meter "RESET" button held down.

4. Keep pushing the "RESET" button for longer than 5 seconds after the ignition is turned on.

5. the master warning light comes on, a warning tone sounds and the message disappears.

For the tire pressure light:

1. key on

2. engine on or off

3. close all doors

4. press and hold the tire reset button under the drivers side dashboard (this is tough to do and impossible without a flashlight)

5. the warning screen by the odo will say pressure initial

6. release the button when the screen returns to blank.

For the A/C filter light:

1. key on

2. engine on or off

3. doors closed

4. press and hold the fan off button on the environmental control area

5. the info meter will read a/c filter reset or something to that effect

6. release the button.

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I have a tail light failure light that won't go off even though I have replaced the offending bulb. how do I reset this please?

There is no reset procedure for this. Your car still has a problem that has not yet been found and corrected.

Start by having someone stand behind your car and then in front of your car at night while you activate the running/taillights, headlights, turn signals and brake lights.

Even if all the lights are working, there could still be a defective bulb, bulb socket, ground wire, etc., etc. These issues can be difficult to identify. I once had a bulb failure light warning on my first LS light up occasionally for several years until I found that a trailer light harness was not installed quite right.

Edit: Also verify that the correct bulb types have been installed - particularly that "offending bulb".

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