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Door Speaker Removal


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irishvol, Your answer is one click away in discovering.


Thank you very much! Much more detail than I expected. Great info. I was hoping that just the section of the door panel where the 6x9 is located could be removed. I think I'd better get a professional involved since the entire panel has to come off....thanks again.

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I just used the instructions in this section to replace the bottom door speakers. Excellent, without them I would heve never been able to do it. For anyone who is contemplating replacing the speakers, here are a few comments: the door handle cover is a tough to get out, when prying with the screwdriver, work from the bottom, it won't break. Also, the removal of the door handle is hard, after removing the screw, don't be timid in pulling it off. After all the screws were out, getting the panel off was a bit hard. Pull out and up from the rear side. once it "unseals" it comes out easily. One last thing, make sure you replug the bottom light before you start !Removed! screws in. I forgot on both sides. I guess the relief of replacing the speakers and replacing the panel was a bit overwelming. No problem though, the light comes out easily and can be pluggeg in and replaced in its spot.

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