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970es 300 Check Engine Light


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got the code read but they didn't have the part in stock, so I went somewhere else and got it (cheaper too).

since I didn't get the part from the original shop, I can't ask them to clear the code for me.. haha.

If I disconnect the battery, will that clear the light? is there a security code for the music that I'll have to worry about? The display is blacked out basically and pretty unreadable. Do I only disconnect the negative or both?

I have to get it smogged really soon.. so I need to take care of this, been lazy :(

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You only need to remove the neg, leave it disconnected for a few min to clear the code.

Did you check the sensor before you replaced it? You do realize that if a ECU sets a code for a bad sensor, it cannot tell the difference if the sensor, or the wiring to the sensor is bad. The ecu can only tell that it see's the input as being bad. At that point, it displays a code that it was programed to display.

If you replace parts without testing, be prepared for the possibility of the code returning.

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