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97 Es300 Iacv/isc Cleaning

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Hey All, Newbie here, please be gentle. I've searched and read many posts regarding the IAC valve issues. I have a 97 es300 that I'm going to attempt to clean the IAC on. I've confirmed that this is what's causing my stalling issues while at red lights, stop signs, etc. This confirmation came in the form of my knocking the IAC with a screwdriver head while it was having one of it's idling/surging fits. As soon as I knocked the IAC, it freed up the valve and it instantly started idling perfectly.

I have read the detailed post on cleaning the IAC on an RX300 (by GoldenState) here at the forums, but am sure that the layout is quite different for my es300 (based on the pictures provided). I have a couple of questions that I'm hoping you can help me with. Has anyone done this on their es300? If so, anything special that I need to know of before diving in? Should I plan on replacing the gasket, or using the original when re-assembling? Does anyone have access to the 97 es300 service manual that they could post here for reference? Thanks in advance for your replies.

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