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Clockspring Or Spiral Cable...which One?!?!

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I have a 1999 LS400 and the horn has gone out along with the cruise control. Along with this, the airbag warning light has been on since I bought it. I cannot find a clockspring replacement part, and the only other part that is similar to this is called a spiral cable which I cannot find either.

The dealer says bring it in and they will check the switches in the steering wheel assembly...what should I do? I really want to fix this myself and save a few dollars. Thanks.

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It's known officially as a Spiral Cable Assembly, but many call it a clockspring. I replaced mine in December. For me, it was just the horn that didn't work (pin 1). There are either 5 or 6 pins, two or more have lost continuity in your case. I don't know if they can be taken apart and fixed.

Here it is listed for a 95:


You can create an account on that site, enter your VIN and get the exact part number for your 99.

I was fortunate to find one on eBay. Here is a current listing but unfortunately not for your model year (they're not interchangable):


Here is a tutorial on how to remove the steering wheel:


If you go the eBay or recycle yard route, make sure you have them check continuity on all pins.

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