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Needles Removal Instruction Help Help!


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I've been looking but I can't find any post that would tell me how to remove the instrument cluster neddles for the tach meter. Thanks.

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www.lexls.com has a tutorial on the procedures required to remove the instrument cluster.

It is here:


However, just removing the cluster will not enable you to access the needles. (I am assuming you are trying to fix the sticky tachometer and speedometer needles as you discussed in your previous post.) You will have to take the cluster apart to access the needles. Also, you do not need to remove the needles to do the repair. You need to get to the back of the needles while they are still in place. To do this, you will have to remove the back panel from the cluster, then remove the two circuit boards, and then remove the front clear plastic cover.

The needles are very delicate. The conductive material on the back of the needles fractures very easily. When this happens, the needle does not light up properly.

Before you start to disassemble the cluster, I would suggest that you subscribe to the internet-based Toyota-Lexus technical information service. You can search through their data base, find the section which describes the cluster disassembly procedures, and print them out. This service is available for $15.00 for two days access. The website is: www.techinfo.toyota.com.

A similar service is offered at www.alldata.com.

Be very careful with the cluster. The circuit boards are easily damaged, and this could cause major problems.

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I really appreciated all your help.

Actually I want to replace one of my needles because it only lits up half and half of it is dark. I have 2 extra clusters so I will remove the good needle from one and replace the bad one on the other.

And you are right on, I'm also trying to get rid of the sticking problems of my tach and odometer problems.


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