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Check Engine Light/trac Off

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The Check Engine/Trac Off light is turned-on on my 2001 ES300. A few months ago it would come on and then go out on it's own. Now it is on constantly. My mechanic had the transmission rebuilt as he said the "soft parts" had worn out. The light was on before the transmission job and still is afterwards. A couple of transmission shops have looked at the car but have been unable to diagnose. Any ideas or recommendations.

Thank you

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Your check engine light it on? What are the codes?

This might sound stupid but idose it, Not have great aceleration, and hesitating? If so i had this happen to me in my 2000 ES and the dealer said it was a dirty mass air sensor. they cleand it up and reset the light car ran great for 3 years. Now its back on and im heading to the dealler agin soon! Un less i can find some tips to clean it myslef

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